| R16

Newly belongs to the portfolio of managed objects R16 – Prague

| Prarena

Newly belongs to the portfolio of managed objects Prarena – Prague

| Nestlé

Newly belongs to the portfolio of managed objects of Nestlé – Prague

| Florentinum

Newly included in the portfolio of managed objects is Florentinum – Prague

| Panattoni Park

Newly included in the portfolio of managed objects is Panattoni Park – Ostrov u Stříbra

| Retail Park Ostrava a Retail Park Haná

Retail Park Ostrava and Retail Park Haná are newly included in our portfolio of managed properties.


Newly belongs to the portfolio of managed objects VIA UNA – Prague

| Change of registered office address

Since 5.5.2022 Rilancio has a new registered office address at Krakovská 1366/25, Prague 1. The new registered office address is both a billing and correspondence address.

| Bank account change

Rilancio has a new bank account number 304419134/0300 kept with Československá obchodní banka, a. S.

| GrandOptical

Rilancio manages over 60 stores of GrandOptical throughout whole Czech Republic. GrandOptical is is part of the international GrandVision network, which is one of the largest operators in the field of ophthalmic optics and eye care in the world and operates in a number of countries.

| Logistic Park U Skalky

Rilancio provides since 1st Feb 2022 integrated Facility management services  of logistic park U skalky. We enlarged our portfolio by 18 000sqm.

| Astrid Offices

We manage from 19th May building Astrid Offices.

| City Tower

We have won and have been managing the City Tower since April.

| We have as 1st ISO 41001!

Rilancio has become the first proud owner of the ISO 41001: Facility Management System certificate in the Czech Republic.

| Waltrovka complex

We manage since March all five buildings of Waltovka.

| The Forum

Since November, we have been managing the Václavské náměstí 19 and Jindřišská 17 buildings.

| Klinika YES VISAGE

We manage new premises for the client at Italská 69, Prague 2.

| Síťová zakázka Lagardére

For stores Relay, Inmedio, Costa Coffee, Mr. Baker, Hello and Paul we provide maintenance services.

| Budovy Ministerstva Zemědělství 10/2020

We won tender for technical maintenance of 4 buildings of Department of Agriculture.

| Certificate ISO 14001

We are newly certified for Environmental management EMS 14001:2016.

| Albatros and Spálená 51

From 1.8.2020 Rilancio manages buildings Albatros and Spálená 51.

| Melantrich

Rilancio manages for REICO Melantrich house at Wencelas Square.


Rilancio gained into FM first building in the newly built district of AFI City.

| Tetris and Prime

Since July we manage two buildings in Prague 4: Tetris and Prime.


We are doing well: Rilancio won and from 15.5. manages BBC B!

| Oasis Florenc 11/2019

Rilancio provides Facility Management services for the Oasis office building.

| Logistický Areál Hostivař 11/2019

From November 1, 2020, we acquired the Hostivař (Codeco) logistics complex.

| Vydrovka Office Center 11/2019

Rilancio now manages the Vydrovka Office Center office building.

| Budovy ECE

We acquired 4 buildings in the center of Prague: ARA Palace, Vodičkova 5, Národní 31 and Ehlenův dům).

| Telehouse

Since September 2019, we have been managing a newly built office building in Prague 6 – Telehouse.

| SmíchOFF 9/2019

Rilancio manages the new SmíchOFF office building.

| Thámova 16+18 – 7/2019

Starting July 2019 Rilancio provides facility management in this administrative building.

| OC Řepy – 7/2019

In July 2019 Rilancio starts facility management services in shopping center OC Řepy.

| BPP-Vejprnice – 7/2019

Logistic park in Vejprnice is managed by Rilancio from July 2019.

| Budějovická Alej a East Building – 4/2019

We provide technical FM from April 2019 also for Budějovická Alej and East Building.

| Churchill Square – 2/2019

Starting February 2019 Rilancio provides facility management in this administrative building Churchill.

| Na Příkopě 23-27

From January 2019 company Rilancio added into its management buildings at Na Příkopě.

| PEC Ostrava

At the beginning of 2019 our portfolio grown by logistic park in Ostrava.

| Office Moulíkova

At the end of 2018 company Rilancio took over also administrative building Lyra.

| Green Park

In November 2018 gained company Rilancio into its portfolio complex of administrative buildings Green Park in Prague 9.

| Poděbradská 61

From November 2018 company Rilancio provides here complex facility management services.


From middle of the year 2018 Rilancio provides in this administrative building technical FM.

| Office Park Hloubětín

April 2018 was very successful, Rilancio has grown into a complex of office buildings.

| OC Central Most

In April 2018, Rilancio acquired its shopping center in Most.

| AFI Vokovice

Since March 2018, Rilancio has been providing technical administration to a modern administration complex.

| Achievements of the end of 2016

Our new projects are Aupark Hradec Králové, the bulding of Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Tower and logistics parks BPP Zličín, Chrášťany and Křimice.

| Galerie Přerov

From this summer is on of our projects also a new shopping mall Galerie Přerov.

| Diamant and VWFS

Other Rilancio´s projects are the Diamant building on Wenceslas Square and the building of Volkswagen Financial Services.

| New projects

At the end of 2015 we began to provide technical management of the building AC Krejcárek.

1st January 2016 brought two new projects – Prague Gate and Slovanský dům.

| Metronom Business Center

From the March 2015 Rilancio has been ensuring technical management of new building Metronom Business Center from HB Reavis, which offers highly modern offices in Nové Butovice.

| Palace Astra & Euro

From 1st February 2015 we ensure technical management of Palace Astra & Euro at the Wenceslas Square and we cooperate with Mint Property Management s.r.o.

| River Garden Office II + III

Our company has been ensuring technical management River Garden Office II + III. We are expanding our collaboration with HB Reavis.

| Evropská Business Centre

We have included in the portfolio the Evropská Business Centre administrative building. Our company has been ensuring complex technical management from 1.4.2014.

| Ehlenův dům, K Červenému dvoru areal

Our company has been ensuring technical management of office building and from 1st October 2013 administrative – logistic areal K Červenému dvoru.

| Classic 7 BP, Broadway Palace, D 8 European Park

Our company has been ensuring technical management of various industry objects.

| We’ve launched new Helpdesk ISR 4

We have extended our software ISR 4 with Helpdesk modul.

| Hall Office Park, Paramount & Metropolitan building

Our company provides Property and Facility Management of the administrative office buildings completely

| FORUM Ústí nad Labem

Our company provides technical management of the shopping center

| Innovation of ISR 4 functions

We have added new functions to our ISR 4 system, whilst preserving its winning aspect = simplicity


A new article about us was published in BUILDING WORLD III magazine.

| River Garden Office West

As of January 2012, our company has been providing facility management of this newly built administration building.

| Velux Czech republic, s. r. o.

Since 1st january 2012, our company has been providing technical management to the learning center Velux Czech republlic s.r.o.

| Inventec Czech s.r.o.

Since 1st November 2011, our company has been providing technical management to the manufacturing complex Inventec Czech s.r.o.

| Quality Management System, ČSN

Since 21st June 2011, the Rilancio company has been the holder of the certificate of Quality Management System, ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009