Our clients benefit from

  • We employ a professionally qualified person and an auditor
  • Profound knowhow based on years of experience in the technical operation of commercial buildings
  • Professional services provided by our highly skilled crews
  • Reliability of services anchored in our philosophy of commitment towards our customers
  • Flexible organization of our dynamic workforce in order to comply with the changing demands of our customers
  • Round-the-clock emergency services
  • ISR4 maintenance and monitoring software
  • Documentation, reliable supervisions to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards


Maintenance services include

  • Heating, ventilations, air conditioning
  • Lightning systems
  • Escalators, Lifts, Moving Walkways
  • Safety and fire prevention
  • Outdoor cleaning services


Air conditioning

  • Cleaning and replacement of filters
  • Cleaning of evaporator and condenser coils
  • Ensuring unobstructed airflow passages
  • Unclogging drain channels to reduce humidity
  • Preventing electrical wire faults


Heating Appliances

  • Checking termostat settings
  • Connecting electricity
  • Testing system controls
  • Connection and maintenance of gas and oil installations
  • Burner combustion air supply


Electrical Appliances and lightings

  • Power supply systems
  • Alternative power sources
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • Emergency lighting
  • Energy efficiency


Safety and Fire Prevention

  • Smoke detectors and fire alarm Systems
  • Automatic sprinklers and fire extinguishers
  • Creating adequate escape routes
  • Emergency lighting and exit lighting
  • Safety signs

Lifts, Escalators, Moving Walkways

  • Emergency rescue service
  • Maintenance and annual inspections
  • Operation of elevator machine room
  • Safety measures and risk reduction
  • Special sustainability maintenance in order to increase lifespan of equipment


Controls and revision

  • Ensuring that technical facilities comply with legal regulations, standards and requirements
  • Performance documentation of technical facilities


Tailor-made ISR 4 software – exclusive for our customers

  • 24/7 monitoring of technical facility’s performances
  • Issuing daily reports of the performance of technical facilities (operational log)
  • Mapping of location and function of technical facilities in buildings and structures
  • Documentation for accreditation and certification of installations and equipment
  • Performance statistics
  • Automatic monitoring in regard to warranties and revisions
  • Monitoring of the performance of external suppliers and providers
  • Monitoring and statistics of costs and economic efficiency of systems


Revision department

  • Comprehensive solution to the issue of services and revisions
  • Revisions:
    • Revision of the electrical installation ČSN 33 1500 & ČSN 33 2000-6 ed.2, and NV 190/22Sb.
    • Revision of appliances and moving supplies ČSN 33 1600 ed.2
    • Revision and inspection of machines according to Proch. 378/2001Sb.
  • PBZ operability checks according to Proc. 246/2001 Sb. as amended by Proch. 221/2014Sb.:
    • emergency lighting control
    • ZOTK inspection
    • fire seals, seals and dampers
  • Inspection technician certificate, fire protection technician
  • Furthermore, we check the technical equipment with a thermal camera, without the need to shut down the operation – ensuring and preventing the potential risk of fire